jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Combien vaut un baiser de Steffi Graf ?

Intéressantes données chiffrées sur la valeur marchande des People sur le marché du caritatif aux Etats-Unis (vu dans le blog de l'AFP, voir sur la colonne de droite de votre écran).

Grand Slam for Children rakes in millions

Elton John wants to return to the Strip on a regular basis.

"I really miss Vegas," the former Caesars headliner said at Andre Agassi's concert for charity late Saturday night.

"One day, I'd love to come back, OK?"

OK, Elton.

He sounded very good at the Wynn, singing "Tiny Dancer" and "Your Song" to help raise $8.5 million (a half-million more than last year) for Agassi's Foundation for Education.

Other top highlights from the swanky Wynn ballroom:


A kiss from Steffi Graf is worth $25,000.

Agassi asked partyers at the Grand Slam for Children to donate $2,500 to sponsor one pupil, per year, for his Vegas Prep school.

Many did. Steve Wynn sponsored 50 kids. U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley sponsored two.

To spice things up, Agassi said his wife would kiss anyone who sponsored 10 kids.

Agassi Foundation board member Brent Handler got the kiss for 10 sponsorships. Caveat: Steffi and Andre were comfortable with it because they've known Handler for many years.


The value of having drinks with Katie Couric is $15,000. One auction item at the Agassi event: Get flown to New York for a tour of the CBS newsroom and to see David Letterman's show. But the real nut of the auction item was getting drinks with Couric.

Almost every other auction item fetched even more.

Three people paid $100,000 to have dinner with Robin Williams.

Three people paid $100,000 to go on a week's vacation with Agassi and Graf in the Cayman Islands.

Someone paid $75,000 for a vacation in India, including lunch with Freida Pinto of "Slumdog Millionaire."

Someone paid $65,000 for a sports package of four seats to the Super Bowl, World Series and NBA and NCAA finals.

Swimming lessons from Michael Phelps took $60,000.

Personalized dinners by Susur Lee and Emeril Lagasse each raked in $50,000.

Drumming lessons from Lars Ulrich got $35,000.

And fantasy camp with Wayne Gretzky and Luc Robitaille: $15,000.


On stage, Rob Thomas looked down at the front rows, where seats cost $8,500 each, and he observed, "It's like the wealthy."

Then he looked at the people behind the wealthy -- where seats cost only $1,000 to $4,000 -- and he said, "And past here is just rich."

The rich and wealthy laughed.

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