dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Aimer les animaux et détester les gens ?

Voici une brève chronique du député conservateur au parlement européen et redoutable ennemi de l'Union européenne, Daniel Hannan qui pointe le doigt sur la force de la haïne.

Les causes militantes savent bien que les sentiments négatifs sont le meilleur moyen de motiver un prospect.

C'est vrai pour les personnes âgées.

C'est aussi vrai pour les défenseurs des animaux et dans une plus large mesure la gauche du spectre politique n'échappe pas à la règle.

Where would Lefties be without hatred?

Richard Curtis’s eco-prop video confirms the worst impression people have of greenies, namely that, behind all the self-righteous rhetoric, they are misanthropic (hat-tip, James Delinpole). See how easily they glide from platitudes about low-energy lightbulbs to fantasies about killing those who dissent.

I’ve noticed before that a surprising number of animal lovers are really people loathers. Not all, of course, nor most; but some. In every age and nation, there are people casting about for a valid reason to detest their neighbours. Such people are often attracted to apparently high-minded campaigns. Think of the abolitionist campaigner in Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad who would rather lose the case, condemn the slaves and win more publicity than free them on a technicality.
Of course, ideas are not responsible for the people who back them. Bad people can take up good causes. I have Leftie friends who are generous and idealistic, and most greenies are actuated by a sincere concern about the future. Almost all of us, after all, want clean air and water; almost all of us like the idea of pandas mating ineptly for years to come; and almost all of us want a diversity of energy supply. But, just occasionally, as during the Brent Spar fiasco, we see that some eco-campaigners are, like the abolitionist in Amistad, more interested in bashing people they dislike than in advancing the cause they notionally represent. If you doubt me, start reading Guardian comment threads. Ah, hatred: where would Lefties be without it?

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